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Benefits of Hosting with Us

This is how SpurrOpen.com can help make running your event easier and more profitable:

  • Electronic Tickets

    Provide a cost effective alternative to printed tickets. Prevent scalping and fraudulent access to your event with digital access control.

  • Great way to up-sell

    Increase the value of each sale - pre-sell items on sale at the event while patrons already have their credit card in hand.

  • Reduce wait time in lines

    Reduce wait time in lines at vendor tables - No need for patrons to wait in longs line to make purchases at the event. Vendors can pre-sell their items online and skip the step of taking orders and collecting cash from the patron at the event.

  • More payment options

    Increase revenue by adding more payment options on site - No card machine? No problem! Accept card payments at the event using SpurrOpen.com.

  • We help spread the word

    We'll also help spread the news about your event - Your event will be posted to our social media profiles, phone contacts, and email database.

How to Create Events

Here are a few step to get you started.


Create a Profile

After you login, create a Host Profile which will be used to manage all your events and team members.


Populate Event

Using your Host Profile, create a new event and start uploading and populating your event information.


Add Tickets

Select from the pre-configured tickets that are setup for you or customize your own event tickets.


Publish and Share

Emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and a range of other social media platforms can be used.

Get Started Now

How it Works

The basic idea is that you can upload the event right now from your computer, tablet or phone and start your own promotion for FREE.

Selling online

If you decide to sell tickets through us, we charge a percentage of the sale. When patrons purchase online, they get an eReceipt via email and on event day members from your team (or us, if you need the help) will verify each eReceipt using our free scanner app from the GooglePlay Store. After the event (or before, depending on the circumstances) we will process your request for payment, net of all charges. Payments can be sent to your Bank/PayPal account or written in cheque.

How do we promote?

We provide an interactive landing page that allows you to highlight various aspects for your event, such as pictures and bios of artistes/presenters, pictures and direct link of your sponsors, individual/group tickets and much more. We usually share links to the these landing pages to our followers on social media, and include upcoming events in email releases to our subscribers. All the afore mentioned activities are at no cost to you.

We do offer additional paid services, such as social media management including sponsored advertising on social media, customized Email Campaigns and WhatsApp blast. Click here to see our list of services: https://spurropen.com/index.php?vu=services

Event Vendor

We are excited to share that our platform offers you the ability to sell virtual booths to vendors. When a vendor sees your event, they send you a request to sell their products on your event landing page. Once you approve the request, they (the vendor) can log on and upload the products themselves. Patrons get the value of purchasing a ticket and merchandise in one transaction while you get the value of consistent traffic fueled by your team, our team and the vendors teams.

Giving access

SpurrOpen is designed to make the process of giving access to patrons easy. Both for tickets holders as well as those managing the entrance.

Receipt Scanner

When Patrons purchase any product from SpurrOpen.com they are provided with an electronic Receipt which they use to access the product/service at the event

Use our eReceipt Scanner (downloadable from the Google Play Store) to scan QR Code provided. The eReceipt Scanner App will tell what was purchased and the quantity. Use this information to determine how to deliver your goods or service.

Internet Required

The eReceipt Scanner requires active Internet service to scan code that patrons will present. Please make arrangements get Internet access to ensure smooth processing of online orders.


The eReceipt is originally emailed to the user who made the purchase. However, the user can print it or send a copy to any other person VIA email, or WhatsApp. Each time the same eReceipt is scanned the order status is updated and tracked.

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