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Update September 16th, 2017

Spurr Open and You

Spurr Open is an online event services portal where hosts, vendors and patrons can connect and exchange value. We believe everybody should be able to interact with all the information about every event before deciding to go. Event Hosts can use this service to publish information about their events and to sell tickets. Vendors can use this service to reach out to host and have their products listed as purchasable item and listed on event page. Patrons can view a published event as well as purchase tickets and/ products from vendors.

Our Agreement

These terms govern our entire relationship with you and will continue to apply until termination by you or SpurrOpen.com

Every user of SpurrOpen.com agrees to these terms and agrees to enter into a binding contract with Spurr Open by using the services provided by SpurrOpen.com

If you are using SpurrOpen.com as an agent, assign or affiliate of any individual or entity you hereby agree on behalf of that individual or entity and indicate to us that you are authorized to so agree. The individual or entity is without a doubt bound by these terms.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. In order to continually improve our service in this manner, we have to make changes to these services and/or to the content of our Agreement from time to time. If there is a conflict between the current terms and/or service package and any additional terms and modifications, the later in time will take precedence. Note that we may or may not notify you of these changes. By entering into a binding agreement with us you are telling us that you understand and agree that we reserve the right to make the aforesaid modifications. If you continue to use Spurr Open after any change is made, you will be deemed to be in acceptance of these changes. You should also note that not only do we reserve the right to modify the content of our agreement and/or our service, but we also reserve the right to display these changes in any manner we choose. If you do not agree to any change and/or to our display of the change, you must discontinue use of SpurrOpen.com

You are a User

You are considered a user of our services if you use our services to publish event information about events and/or products and/or to sell and/or purchase tickets and/or to sell and/or purchase products and/or to view events and/or products. To be clear you are even a user if you initiate any of the aforesaid actions without completing same.

Do not use SpurrOpen.com if you do not intend to have a binding agreement with us.

Your responsibilities

You must follow our policies, including those below:

  1. We aim to provide a holistic service that is suited for the entire family. Therefore, all content uploaded by you must subscribe to family-friendly standards and be consistent with our guidelines
  2. You warrant and declare that any information you provide to us is true, accurate and complete.
  3. You must not use SpurrOpen.com for any illegal purpose.
  4. Do not circumvent any restrictions on any service that we provide to you. Do not even try to do so.

We love working with you. Please do not abuse our services. If you violate these terms and any of our rules, whether explicit and implied, we will suspend or terminate our agreement with you and/or suspend or terminate our services to you. If we do not do so immediately, it is not an indication that we accept or ratify the violation or that we are giving up any of our rights or that we will not take action in the future.


This site only sells digital products which is access by using your online account with us or your email address. We do not export products or need to deliver any product to you physically for any reason. Please take note of the following:

  1. If you are a patron, when you purchase ticket(s) you will be given a QR Code via email. This code expires as soon as the event takes place. It also expires when the event is cancelled.
  2. Google Maps sometimes conveniently provides much needed directions to these events. This does not mean that we partner with Google or any of its affiliates. In fact, we do not guarantee that any information provided accordingly is accurate.
  3. We reserve the right to publish/display your content (for host and vendors) on any of our channels including spurropen.com, spurrempire.com, spurr magazine, spurr apps and/or any other medium or channel we create in the future.
  4. If you are a host or vendor, we reserve the right to pay to you any monies due to you in two or more releases. Final payment will usually be released when the event takes place. This helps us just in case refunds are requested from payers for example. By this agreement, we do reserve the right to make these refunds.
  5. SpurrOpen.com is a platform which facilitates your relationships. If you are purchasing from a host or vendor, by agreeing to these terms you acknowledge your understanding that you are purchasing from the vendors and hosts themselves and not from Spurr Open. Because you are not purchasing from Spurr Open we cannot be held liable for any defect or fault in any product or goods or service purchased. Likewise hosts and vendors, you acknowledge that your goods and services are being sold by you and that all liability in relation to these goods and services remain with you. In fact, by being a user, whether vendor, host, patron or otherwise, you indemnify us from any liability that may arise in this context. To see exactly who you indemnify, read on.
  6. We value your privacy. See our privacy agreement here.

Refunds / Exchanges / Cancellation

All sales are final – no refunds or exchanges, unless approved by the Promoter. In the event that an event is cancelled or a refund / exchange is approved, the full purchase price of the ticket will be refunded less any service charges, transaction charges. Should a refund be issued, it will be by the same method of payment that was used to purchase the tickets. If a Credit/Debit/Spurr Wallet was used, the refund can only be issued to that particular instrument. Service charges and transaction fees are not refundable.

Our Agreement

We endeavor to provide the best service we can, but you understand and agree that our service is provided “as is”, without express or implied warranty or condition of any kind. You use our service at your own risk. Spurr Open does not warrant, endorse, guarantee or assume responsibility for any third party content, user content, or any other product or service advertised or offered by a third party on or through Spurr Open or any hyperlinked website. You understand and agree that we are not responsible or liable for any transaction between you and third-party providers / purchasers / users of products or services advertised on or through Spurr Open. As with any purchase of a product or service through any medium or in any environment, you should use your judgment and exercise caution where appropriate.

Any risk, whether directly consequent or indirectly consequent or otherwise arising from use of Spurr Open in any manner whatsoever shall remain with the user of Spurr Open. Spurr Empire Limited, its employees, its assigns and all other persons and/or entities sufficiently connected to Spurr Empire Limited shall be indemnified against any claim and/or liability for any loss, damage and/or injury suffered by any person whether directly or indirectly the same arising from and/or connected to Spurr Open or the use thereof.

Customer Service Queries

Our customer service teams are here to serve you as best we can. We commit to provide an initial response to your query or complaint within 2 business days, investigate and attempt to resolve your query within 5 business days or such longer period as is necessary and notified to you.

Applicable Jurisdiction

This Agreement should be interpreted and enforced according to the laws of Jamaica.

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