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SpurrOpen is now integrated with Zoom. Here are some benefits.

One source of registration and payment for attendees
Automatic response with attendee's unique access links
Receive local and international payments in your account.
Safe, Secure Payment Processing
No Setup or Hosting Fee
One Platform, Many Services

Automate payment and registration for Zoom

Get Started Now Setup Instructions

How Does it Work


Create a Zoom meeting

Create the meeting just like you would normally in Zoom. Make sure to specify that registration is required for attendees.


Connect Zoom to SpurrOpen

Connect Zoom to your SpurrOpen business account. SpurrOpen will show you all your Zoom events for you to select the one to use.


Share the SpurrOpen link

Price the tickets on SpurrOpen and publish. When payments are made attendees will be automatically registered to your Zoom event.

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What will It Cost

SpurrOpen standard charges apply. The Zoom integration works for Events and E-Store Portals. It will not work for giving or charitable donations.

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