George's Secret

Healthy tonic made to enhance wellness, improve circulation, and provide energy

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George's Secret Plus

Healthy tonic for optimal bodily functioning

Ingredients include special formulation made to give you energy, improve blood circulation, and enhance health.

1 tbsp daily as a tonic,
1 tbsp twice daily for double the effects

$4,500.00 JMD

George's Secret Regular

George's Secret Regular
The original tonic with regular flavour and formulation.

Take 1 tbsp daily as a tonic, and
1 tbsp twice daily for double the effects

$4,000.00 JMD



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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is George's Secret?

    It is a health tonic that can improve wellness. It comes in two (2) formulations

  2. What makes the Plus tonic different than the Regular?

    It has the added benefit of the ingredient turmeric for its anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties.

  3. Is there delivery overseas?

    Not currently. However, please call or email for special deliveries.

  4. Are there any side effects or contraindications for taking this tonic?

    We've not seen evidence of adverse effects. However due to the properties of the tonic please ensure you consult a trained, licensed, and experienced physician before drinking it. Exercise caution with this tonic if you - are pregnant, - having your period/menstruating, - taking painkillers such as aspirin, or ibuprofen etc, - taking medications for blood thinning, and that contain anti-coagulant properties, - or have bleeding disorders such as haemophilia

  5. Is there delivery in Jamaica?

    Yes. Please contact us via phone, or email for arrangements.

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