Corporate Debt: What Happens When You Default?

Join us for the inaugural session of the Caribbean Alternative Investment Association's (CARAIA) enlightening lunch hour webinar series: "Beyond the Portfolio." In our dynamic debut episode, we will unravel the intricacies of "Corporate Debt Financing: What happens when you default?"

Event Details:

Title: Beyond the Portfolio: Corporate Debt Financing
Date: Thursday, March 28th
Time: 12:15 pm – 1 pm

Key Discussion Points:

- Exploring Financing Avenues: Gain insights into the diverse channels of corporate debt financing, encompassing both traditional and alternative methods. Learn about the opportunities each avenue presents for businesses.
- Implications of Funding Choices: Uncover the implications associated with relying on various channels of funding. Understand how these choices can impact the financial health and strategic positioning of a business.
- Navigating Default Scenarios: Address the critical aspect of default scenarios within each financing avenue. Explore how businesses handle defaults, and gain insights into the necessary steps for recourse and recovery.

Hosted By: Caribbean Alternative Investment Association


Sandra Glasgow, Host

Shani Duncan-Falconer, Panelist

Douglas Robinson, Panelist

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