INTEGRATE is a platform created to help Seventh-day Adventist Missional Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Innovators to be able to start up, stay up and scale up by providing helpful resources to reach the target. Our aim is to create SELF-SUSTAINING enterprises that are DEDICATED TO GOD and COMMISSIONED for a missionary purpose.

We are helping Adventist businesses grow and develop strategies to INTEGRATE their faith to all stakeholders - Clients, Employees & Community.

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Sign up as a business or with your personal name. Whether you are a Mechanic, a Chef, a small Business owner, or a professional we will provide all the resources you need to improve your standing in the market place - sustainably & in a missional way.

Becoming a member is also a great way to benefit through Referral networking.

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One Twenty Project

The one twenty project (1.20 USD) is designed to help small Adventist businesses grow. This project is donor dependent. Interested donors are only asked to contribute 1 DOLLAR & 20 CENTS every month.

About the second month in each quarter, we will open applications to all Adventist small businesses who would like help to fund their start up or help grow their business.

Every quarter (3 months) a team of experienced & successful Entrepreneurs will review applicants and the selected Entrepreneur will receive grant funding. The selected business must be unique and/or necessary and can apply by sending an email to adventintegrate@gmail.com

Please include
Email address:
Business Name:
Church name:
Tell us about your business:
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Engage with top Adventist Business Consultants for who will help you make the most impact in the marketplace.

You don't have to grow your business alone. Hear from the experts, stay up and scale up...combining revenue generating ideas in ways that combine with the missional purpose.

If after this 40 minute consultation both Client & Consultant decide that they have to meet for a second consultation then the fee will be between Client & Consultant and not through INTEGRATE.

$50.00 USD


"60% of the staff of my Office purchased from Courtney's Organic Vegetable Farm today thanks to a film produced by Johnoy" - Shawnie, Member of SDA Indusries JA

Before we started INTEGRATE we played around with our creative side in cinematography. We didn't know that our low budget equipment would create such a BUZZ. But since it did, we would like to create a BUZZ around your business too.

$35.00 USD


We will take care of your logo, flyer, label design and other important features for your business.

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Website Development

Our expert Website developers will put you on the radar with a wonderfully designed, user friendly website.

$500.00 USD

Emotional & Spiritual Counselling

Sometimes ministry or business owners experience the lows of life. Financial struggles, failing dreams, past mistakes, and the likes. Many would do well to have a listening hear who will in turn direct their minds to the Wise Counsellor...Jesus Christ.

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Combining revenue generating ideas in ways that combine with the ministry purpose.


Where creativity is valued.


Self-Sustaining = Profitability 

Dedicated to God = recognizing that God is Owner of all things & we are His Stewards.

Commission=Deliberate in our approach to business & Mission.  

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