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The Shining Hope Foundation seeks to:
reignite hope in young mothers whose
personal development and education was
either stopped or put on pause due to
pregnancy and childbirth.

This foundation was birthed from Dr. Melonia Waugh, J.P. research on the psychological impact of teenage pregnancy. With this knowledge, Dr. Melonia Waugh saw the need for a charity of this kind.

We greatly appreciate your donations towards this cause as we encourage our young women and usher them to a future they never imagined.

Melonia Waugh Shining Hope Foundation Jamaica Limited
876 8224635 |

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I became pregnant at the age of 16 but did not
discover this until I was in the second
trimester. For the duration of my pregnancy I
received counselling and support from the
founder of this institution as well as my family.
While I prepared to take on a new
responsibility, Dr. Waugh, JP exerted a great
deal of effort to have me reintroduced into the
public school system.
Shortly after giving birth, I was enrolled into
one of most prestigious High Schools within the
corporate Area where I completed my
Caribbean Secondary and Caribbean Advanced
Proficiency Examinations. I matriculated to
University where I was able to pursue my dream
I was able to complete my studies with a First
Class Honours for my Bachelor’s Degree and a
Distinction for my Master’s Degree.
Today I am an Attorney-at-Law licensed to
practice within the island of Jamaica.
-Tiffany Augustine


I got pregnant at age 16 and had to drop out of
high school. For the duration of my pregnancy,
I was enrolled at The Women's Centre of
Jamaica Foundation, where I graduated with
six (6) CXC subjects and was awarded a
scholarship to a Business School.
Luckily for me, unlike some teen mothers, I got
support that jumped started my educational
journey after I completed my secondary
education. I was able to matriculate to
university to pursue my tertiary education.
Today, I am an accomplished CEO of the
Caribbean Training and Education Center for
Health, where I provide multidisciplinary
training options for public healthcare workers
at the Ministries of Health in the Caribbean
through Strategic Partnership with the
University of Washington (UW), I-TECH. Prior
to that I was Deputy Caribbean Region
Director, at UW I-TECH. I am also a doctoral
candidate in Public Health.
I am pleased to say that I am a successful
candidate for the 2021 Governor-General’s
Achievement Award for Continuous Display of
Excellence and Service to development of my
community, and by extension, my country.
-Natalie Irving-Mattocks

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