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The past students of the Jessie Ripoll Primary School (JRPS) are seeking your support to donate to school projects.

The JRPAA has been in existence for over a decade and has consistently assisted JRPS for many events.

Right now the situation is more important as even more children are in need of aid due to the shared experience of the time. Some need computer devices while others simply need resources to manage their daily school work.

We usually use donations to pay for:
- Book Vouchers for Grade 6 Graduation, and

- General donations that aid in -
1. Assistance to enhance the school library
2. School events and activities for Jessie Day, Sports Day, Teacher's Day, Child's Day, Boy's and Girl's Day, and Alumni Day.
3. School improvement programmes, and
4. General assistance to school students

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I pay by cash instead?

Yes, you may.

If you're having an issue please reach out to us by
Tel#/Whatsapp: 18767700278
Email: thejrpaa@gmail.com

You may also do an online bank transfer to our account at:
Jessie Ripoll Primary Alumni Association
Account#: 11124676
Bank: JN BANK Half-way-tree
Type of Account: Business Savings

Are there any events coming up that I can assist with or make donations to?

Yes, you may do so through this same website on the corresponding link below for two other events this year.

Buy delicious Jamaican pastry items here and pick up at school on Friday, April 29, 2022.
J$1,500 per pastry package

End date: Friday, July 8, 2022
J$200 per ticket

Jessie Ripoll Primary Alumni Association
18767700278 | thejrpaa@gmail.com

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JRPAA donations help us to manage yearly school events, activities, and development projects.

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