Captain I Can! Drugs and Violence NO Way

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This is an impactful and empowering school tour aimed at addressing the critical issues of drugs and violence pervading the Jamaican landscape and infiltrating our schools. CAPTAIN I CAN! and Mrs. Sonshine are on a noble quest to enact positive change through the Captain I CAN! Diamond Motivational School Tours, themed "Drugs and Violence NO WAY." This is endorsed by The Ministry of Education and Youth, and supported by esteemed partners like The Nurses Association, Jamaica Police Force, and National Council of Drug Abuse.

Captain I CAN!, an awe-inspiring 8-foot-tall Superhero, and Mrs. Sonshine utilize their commanding presence, compelling motivational speeches, and uplifting songs to captivate and influence a diverse audience eager to broaden their horizons. Our primary mission with this tour is to educate and empower students and the youth across Jamaica, urging them to make wise choices, resist the allure of drugs and violence, and instead cultivate a future brimming with hope and opportunity.

We believe that with your financial support, CAPTAIN I CAN! Diamond School Tour can reach 50 schools with over 45,000 children this school year with the message "Drugs and Violence NO WAY" in the lives of countless young people.

Captain I Can
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