Modern Parenting Course - 7 Steps To Balanced Parenting

7 Steps To Balanced Parenting

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 at 8pm EST

Balance is a word used often in parenting but hardly ever achieved because frankly... it’s HARD! We certainly try, but so many of us continue to experience varied levels of frustration as we juggle work, home, self-care, kid-care and everything in between.

While we know that we are our children’s most influential teachers, it’s also important to recognize that raising them to be well-rounded adults requires balance in our own lives.

This Modern Parenting session is a great opportunity for us parents to take the initiative, look at ourselves and figure out what we need to be doing to improve and strengthen our support system at home so that we can give our children the sense of security and stability that they need.

This session will outline 7 key steps to control our emotional pendulums and encourage the development of healthy, well-adjusted children.

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7 Steps To Balanced Parenting Online Course

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