Vision Consultancy and Composition

Envisioning the direction, intended impact, legacy and reach as well as target communities, markets, clients and customers in order to compose a solid vision statement that works for you. One that will hold you and your entity accountable directionally, reveal purpose and impact-driven intentions and goals. Also attaining a graphic design that soothes the eyes of your readers and target market and community with appealing aesthetics.

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Vision Conceptualization

Giving Critical and Strategic thought to what your vision could look like, the impact you want to see, the target Market, community and much more... 1,000JMD (per Hour)

$1,000.00 JMD
Vision Statement Analysis and Assessment

If you already have a vision statement that was done for you by a previous organization or you tried to write one on your own, but you feel like there is much more to be done to the statement to maximize its effectiveness and appeal as well as to bring it through a more thorough process of refinement; This service is for you. ($800.00 Per Hour)

$800.00 JMD
Vision Statement Composition and Graphic Design for Social Media usage.

Here is where the Vision is strategically composed and you and your target readers are able to see the direction of your ministry, organization or business and the impact and legacy you are seeking to establish. With this you can also raise their expectations and have something to keep you and your organization or ministry accountable directionally. In addition, given that the world is becoming more technologically driven, Social Media may be your business' friend based on the advantage that it brings to the inflow of clients, customers and those who would want to become involved in and affected by the affairs of your entity.

$2,000.00 JMD
Conceptualization, Assessment and analysis, Composition and Graphic Design (Consultation and Composition Combo)

If you are a beginner where Conceptualizing and composing your vision is concerned, this package is for you. This is especially for you if you had a vision in mind but you would like to go back to the drawing board and conceptualize and compare your new outlook with what you had before to come to a solid conclusion for the Composition stage. (consultation cost: per hour while Composition bears a set rate.)

$3,800.00 JMD
Assessment and Analysis with Composition and Design

If you already have a vision conceptualized or even written but you would like to give it some more thought and reassess what you have and maximize its potential, this is for you. You will be taken through the process and a strategically composed statement will be done to put the icing on the cake for you. (Consultation cost: per hour, while composition and design bears a set rate.)

$2,800.00 JMD



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