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At Quality Swim Academy, exceptional service is what each client will be privileged to receive. Spanning from lifeguard training, beginner classes starting at age 3 upwards, and focused technique training sessions. Quality at its best

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Beginner Class (3-5 years)

Whether it be leisure or competition, Quality Swim Academy has what you need. Swimming is fun and the next time you go to the beach or river you deserve to have a more memorable experience with your child/Children, whether it is a kick or a splash, seeing your child bubbling with excitement will be satisfying. Session: 60 minutes

$900.00 JMD
Beginner Class (6-12 years)

At Quality Swim Academy, your child is taught with great passion and patience, cultivating a love for the sport as he or she learns about it one step at a time. This is where fun filled sessions occur in a safe learning space. Join us Today! Session: 60 minutes

$1,500.00 JMD
Beginner Class (13-17 years)

Calling All Teens! Quality Swim Academy is the right place just for you!
This is where swimming is made fun and learning is exciting.
Parents, your mind will be at ease, as your child will engage learn to swim programs that meet their individual needs while functioning in an atmosphere filled with motivation that will leave a lasting impact. Session 60mins

$1,950.00 JMD
Beginner Class (18 years and older)

Join our fun and effective classes! You're never too old to learn how to swim, and Quality Swim Academy is ready to mature you to the point of executing proper technique for your next beach trip or river experience. Session 60 minutes.

$2,300.00 JMD
Technique Training

Technique separates the good from the better, and improper technique is often times the limiting factor for many individuals whether in competition, for basic survival or leisure activities. Each individual will be assessed and specific technique training will be administered to suit their need. Example: Treading, diving and stroke perfection. Session 30 minutes.

$1,200.00 JMD
Monthly package (3-5 years)

$3,350.00 JMD
Monthly Package (6-12 years)

$5,800.00 JMD
Monthly Package (13-17 years)

$7,600.00 JMD
Monthly Package (18 years and over)

$8,700.00 JMD



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