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My name is Gavin McDonald and I am a full time student at the University of the West Indies Mona campus Jamaica, pursuing a Bachelor of Science Double major degree in Operations Management and Marketing. The value of education is something that I have understood from an incredibly young age. Neither of my parents had an opportunity to complete secondary school or even to attend college and faced many struggles in their professional lives because of this. Throughout my academic and co-curricular pursuits, financial constraints had prevented me from expressing my utmost potential in relation to my scholastic affairs. I had graduated from the St. Jago High School with 10 CSEC/CXC subjects and 9 CAPE subjects, being of a total of 19 subjects with exceptional passing grades. This ultimately granted me a certified advanced proficiency diploma from the examination body as well as I graduated with a 3.8GPA upon leaving secondary schooling. I had begun my collegiate studies in the year 2019, however had stumbled upon multiple impediments throughout that time period upon starting. I had applied for multiple scholarships, however unfortunately and highly questionably, I was not contacted as a recipient of any. With that circumstance on hand, I was left in a very detrimental state where I began to worry about the remainder of years I would have to complete. My parents though tried- were not of much help as my mom is a Janitor at a Primary School and my dad is a delivery truck driver for a small hardware. Moreover, I have three (3) siblings who are currently in high school. Given those factors, my parents were willing to help but couldn’t have in any great way.

Due to a continued lack of a stable financial endowment, it posed a great challenge for the few semesters I’ve already passed through. Each semester I did, there has always been an owing balance regardless of me being on a payment plan and because of that, I have been restricted from a lot of exams which resulted in (FA) failed attempts. There were also cases where I am always over by examinations department, trying to plead with them to enter a few exam rooms. In those cases, I have entered quiet a lot of exams extremely late with only half the time or less to complete. This has significantly affected my transcript in a very displeasing manner, whereas those late cases usually result in me failing the theory exam, due to insufficient time. It is very depressing because I know I am an intelligent person, capable of excelling in my studies, especially when I have placed all my efforts (sleepless nights in school library) in studying for an exam; to not actually sit it in the end, within the time given. As a result of this great financial restraint, I have been set back big time, and even though I have made attempts to apply for scholarships, I was never contacted with good news because of how my transcript looks. This is all because of the exams I have been restricted from entering and/or given late access due to incomplete payments. There were points in time when I tried working while attending school full-time, however due to the demand of the degree, there were a lot of time clashes, and I was never able to work enough to meet up with the expenses that linger. Student loan has never been a solution whereas there were always difficulties getting guarantors and all supporting documents in completing the entire process. However, these experiences have only made me stronger with the impetus of completing school with my own, personal testimony of what it was like. Getting the assistance to cover my tuition and miscellaneous expenses will allow me to be able to one day share my success story to help encourage others. It is my greatest intention to be awarded this degree as I have great plans in mind to not only help myself financially, but contribute to my nation and most importantly, my parents who have worked assiduously over the years for me to reach where I now am. Thanks in advance for your kind thought of consideration!

8764564606 | anointedmcdonald@gmail.com

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