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Hi Everyone,

I hope this message finds you well! I am writing this letter with much hope that you might be able to help.

To God be the glory, I am still here, and there is so much to give God thanks! Having fallen ill last September, I continue to marvel at the ways the almighty has intervened, sent help, safe guarded and preserved me: believe me I felt the prayers as much as I testify of the petition that had been risen up on my behalf.

With all that has happened, I am now at an important phase of my care, having cleared all the impediments I am due to begin Chemotherapy. This is a long time coming, and while I am clear of what potentially what lies ahead, I am also expectant and hopeful. Your intercession, I pray never ceases, there is however another way I am desirous of your support.

My treatment has come at a tremendous cost to my family and whilst we have been exercising all the avenues available to us, I am reminded that I am a part of a community of believers who in different ways may be able to support within their means to do so.

On behalf of my family, I invite you, however able, to support us on this journey of healing, treatment and recovery by possibly commiting to a monthly contribution which would go a very far way to aiding:
Clearing existing medical bills, inclusive of 4 surgical procedures and time spent in intensive care
Procuring medication for the chemotherapy treatment.

If you are able, please visit https://spurropen.com/andrewnembhard to give online, or you can do a bank transfer:

Bank: Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)
Account Holder: Rachel Nembhard
Branch: Liguanea (Transit : 90365)
Account Number: 6834

Thank you for your consideration.

Grace and Peace
Karl Andrew Nembhard

Andrew Nembhard
18768334320 | helpforandrewnembhard@gmail.com

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