Meela's Fund for Maxfield Park Children's Home- Babies

Part of 45 days to 45!

As part of my 2021 birthday celebrations I invite you to join me in celebrating life! This year I have chosen to spread a love gift at Maxfield Park Children's home -the babies, and I invite you to help me build a nice fund of $45,000 or more, in celebration of 45! My birthday is March 7 so we have a month to build this fund.

As I give thanks and celebrate life I see it as honour and purpose to help others. Thanks for joining me in this!

Message me, and stay tuned for details.

@kjaerekamille on IG
Send a message via www.kamillejackson.com

Love and Gratitude,
Kamille "MeELa" Jackson

8765090107 | kjaerebooks@gmail.com

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