Plant a Tree With Kamille - Maxfield Park Children's Home: 46 for 46

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Part of 46 ways to celebrate 46 years!

As part of my 2022 birthday celebrations I invite you to join me in celebrating life! This year I have chosen again to spread a love gift at Maxfield Park Children's home -and I invite you to help me build a robust fund to sponsor 46 trees (or more), in celebration of 46! My birthday was on March 7 and we have been working with the Children's Home and Forestry to choose just the right trees for just the right locations on the property! We start to plant this month - how appropriate!! May is Child's Month!

As I give thanks and celebrate life, I see it as my honour and my purpose to help others. Thanks for joining me in this project, and for accepting the tree planting initiative for the Maxfield Park Children's Home as your project too!

The idea is born out of my support for the Home, and is rooted in my support for the National Tree Planting Initiative and the blending of the two yields this proposal.

The Proposal:

Plant 46 trees at MPCH for my 46th birthday (which was in March when I put out the idea at first)

Trees will be obtained from the Forestry Dept. via The PSOJ's National Tree Planting Initiative support - to contribute 500,000 trees to our beloved Nation's "3,000,000 trees planted" goal. Remember... "Every mickle mek a muckle!"

The MPCH have advised that they would love ornamentals to beautify the property especially around the dormitories as this will help to soothe the psyche of the children and offer a comfortable outdoor space to enjoy. Fruit trees are also requested as they will offer the children nutrients that they currently do not get consistently, and fun, healthy additions to their current diet.

Persons can commit to seedlings via monetary donations to purchase the trees under the programme.

Each tree is sponsored at J$1200 including fees.

Message me, and stay tuned for details. We will also love love love to have your support and participation for the actual planting - so get intouch and let us know how you can support this cause.

Help us #plantupjamaica

@kjaerekamille on IG
Send a message via www.kamillejackson.com

Love and Gratitude,
Kamille "MeELa" Jackson

8765090107 | kjaerebooks@gmail.com

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