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Coconut Foot Cream

Perfect for soothing cracked heels and it is intended to rejuvenate and regenerate the feet. Our Foot Lotion formula softens and hydrates the dry itchy skin on your feet. Our Moisturizing cream promotes foot health and fights skin dryness and irritation.

$600.00 JMD
Irish Spring Body Wash

Irish Spring Pure Fresh Body Wash with charcoal. Give your body a clean slate with

Irish Spring Pure Fresh. This unique body wash formula, with charcoal, purifies by

cleansing your skin. Odor-neutralizing technology leaves you fresh for 24 hours.

A fresh start, morning or night. Irish Spring Cleans a Man Up Right.

• Crafted with charcoal

• Cleans and purifies skin

• Odor-neutralizing technology keeps you fresh for 24 hours

$800.00 JMD
Dear Body Shower Gel (For Men)

Dear Body Shower Gel (for men)- Noir

$500.00 JMD
Degree Men Original

Degree Men Original Antiperspirant Deodorant 48-Hour Odor Protection Cool Rush Men's Deodorant Stick 2.7 oz, 6 Count

$650.00 JMD
Dear Body (for women) Body Cream

Dear Body (for women) Body Cream- Sparkling Fantasy

$500.00 JMD
Ladies' Cross Body Bag (Brown)

The perfect gift for yourself or for her. This cross body bag is stylish but very functional.

$1,200.00 JMD



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