A line of children's stories designed to encourage a positive approach to everyday situations.
• Feel-good
• Value self-image
• Kindness
• Patience

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Has Anyone Seen Dara's Smile?

Children' Book
Age Range: up to 6 years

3 year old Dara is in a terrible mood when her tower of blocks comes tumbling down! She is pouting, frowning and crying - there is absolutely no trace of her smile anywhere! The story tells of efforts to calm down a devastated Dara and to return the missing smile to her face. They search high and low, going to and fro! But I wonder where they will find Dara’s smile! Told in rhyme to exercise and entice the word usage of toddlers and young infants.

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Jingle Bell Lights

David and Dervin are fictional characters in a typical Kingston Landscape. A boy living with his parents in uptown Kingston, and a less privileged boy living down the lane. (Also with his parents).
The objective is to show the alignment of life. What we want is being brought to us in ways that may not make sense to us – and our job in bringing it to us is to focus on it, to help others and to believe. To be kind and active in our daily tasks will place us in the right position to receive that which we want. There is enough for everyone.
This Christmas, and always, DREAM like you were a child. BE KIND like it doesn’t take from you. GIVE like it fills you up. And BELIEVE like your life depended on it.

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