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No More Shame

No More Shame is a bold and deliberate move to encourage others to let go and forgive in spite of life’s many challenges and realize their God-ordained purpose.

Deborah opens up throughout the pages of this book and candidly shares her life experiences with us in a rather uncensored fashion. From sexual abuse, which started as an innocent three-year-old toddler, to the abandonment she endured as a child, her death at thirteen years old, her encounter with prostitution and continuous rape, to the death of her child and the love she lost, as well as the continued betrayal from those she trusted and even her rejection from church leaders.

How could those assigned as your protectors become your nemesis, your abusers, your agents of death? Only God has the answer. But in the same breath, how could one survive such great degree of emotional and physical trauma? You guessed it, only through God's great grace.

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ZION - The Church For The New Millennium

The Prophet Habakkuk in chapter two and verse fourteen prophesied that the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.

The Glory of God is returning to His church firs and we, as modern day believer, have the privilege of being a part of the glorious company who will usher in this awesome end-time movement of the Kingdom of God.

As some Greeks (John 12:21) came to Phillip and said "Sir we would like to see Jesus," the world awaits a true reflection of Jesus Christ through His church. Jesus Christ is the voice of the bridegroom and He awaits the voice of his bride (His body) through the sound of our prayer and praise so that he can reveal the very essence of His beauty, His glory. May we respond to Him in this season, declaring as Moses did, "show us the glory."

He awaits our invitation.

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Mr. Ken Boothe, O.D. - My Iconic Musical Journey

Kenneth George Boothe, O.D., is a Jamaican vocalist known for his distinctive vocals and effortless delivery. With a career spanning over five decades, Mr. Boothe has achieved an international reputation as one of Jamaica's finest vocalists. With over 30 albums to his credit and a string of hit singles, including the 1974 British number one single, 'Everything I Own', Mr. Boothe's career is considered nothing short of stellar. Hailing from Denham Town, a stone's throw from the cradle of Reggae music, Trench Town; Mr. Boothe is a member of the elite group of pioneers that spearheaded the birth of the music now known world-over, (Reggae) and the rest like they say, is history. Still active at age 71 and touring extensively, Ken Boothe is undoubtedly one of those musicians with a story to tell and a few lessons to teach.

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As You Journey Through Life -Unleash the power of your brain

Valentine compiled his reflections to bestow an instructional manual to his children in remembrance of him. In his book, he provides instruction and guidance on topics that will provide a road map to anyone desirous of being successful along their life's journey.

As You Journey Through Life shows you how to unleash the power of your BRAIN with a vivid, never before revealed step by step approach to transforming your life into the person you'd like to become - one thought at a time - one easy application after the other - one day after the next.

...A road map to your ultimate development.

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