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Ultimately, Wycliffe Caribbean exists to see to it that a Bible translation project begins in every language that needs it, by the year 2025. We fully subscribe to the Wycliffe Global Alliance's #WycliffeVision2025. As such, we have developed a Language Development Division (LDD) in Wycliffe Caribbean that is concerned with language needs within the Caribbean region. Our first direct involvement was with the Jamaican New Testament translation. Now we have embarked upon the Jamaican Old Testament Translation and we are inviting you to partner with us in making this project a success. This Western Caribbean (includes 6 other nation that speak Jamaican) Old Testament Translation Project (WCJOT) will result in the publishing of the entire Bible in the Jamaican language, and will directly impact the lives of at least 9 million people. Do give generously and become part of the largest translation project in the Western Hemisphere!

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The JOT Bible Translation Project is a very expensive undertaking due to changing variables and approaches to such projects. The administrative expenses include rental of office space, purchases of furniture and equipment as well as office stationery, workshops, seminars and contributions to utilities. The average expense over the projected 9 years of the Project, is US$45,000. Do pray with us for God to truly supply to make this project a success, for the 9+ million for whom this is critically important.

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One of the major changes in approach that Bible translation projects have encountered worldwide, is that of increased labour costs. Today, we are faced with actively participating in identifying donors for members of translation teams. This is of particular concern for the Jamaican Old Testament (JOT) Project and could put the Project on hold indefinitely, due to the current unavailability of funds.

We believe that this would be grossly unacceptable and necessitates this special appeal to the local as well as the Diaspora speakers of the language to pool resources together to ensure success of our people's Project. The budget for the expenses of the multi-national (Jamaica, Belize, San Andres) team of mother-tongue translators is averaging at US$113,489 per annum, over the 9 years of the Project. Will you join us in trusting God for the impossible?

Donate to Jamaican Bible Translation Promotion
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A major setback with the Jamaican New Testament translation project, completed in 2012, was the lack of adequate promotional inputs.

With the projected harmonization of both the Old and New Testaments to produce the complete Bible in our language, it will be of great importance that full promotional activities are undertaken to ensure wide acceptance, access and use by our people everywhere.
The projected annual cost for 8 years after year 1, is US$3,750 per annum. The plan is to promote each set of completed books annually and ultimately, major promotion when the whole Bible has been published. Pray with us for full promotional support, financially and otherwise.

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