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As the curtains close on Child Month 2021, Covid19 continues to squeeze the life of treats, fairs, fun, and celebration designed to remind our children of how special they are.

The producers of "Pancakes and Prayers" once again extend an amazing opportunity to treat your child this Child Month. In partnership with Gospel Ja., we will serve the 25 girls at the Annie Dawson Home for Girls while painting areas of the property in dire need of a lift. Help us provide a great experience for them this Child Month.

Thanks again to those who assisted us in treating over 100 children in state care at the Maxfield Park Children's Home last year.

Your donation will go towards creating a special experience for the children and those who serve and take care of the children at Annie Dawson Home for Girls.

Thank you
Annoleah Wynter
Event Coordinator

Pancakes and Prayers
876 356 0281 | annoleah@gmail.com

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