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We are a Charitable Institution and Missions Agency, founded in the Caribbean in 1993, with the main objective of creating among Caribbean churches, a movement for inter-cultural missions and Bible translation – locally and globally, in focusing Believers on authentically fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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John and Denise Roomes - CEO and Executive Assistant, Wycliffe Caribbean
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Our CEO, Mr. John Roomes served as a staff officer in Jamaica for Youth for Christ and actively ministered in his home church as an elder. He also has extensive training and work experience in the area of corporate finance and information technology. He accepted the position of chairman of the Jamaica Wycliffe committee in 2001 and a year later joined Wycliffe full-time. He became the CEO of Wycliffe Caribbean in March 2004. Denise is also on board with Wycliffe Caribbean as the administrator. John and Denise have two children. They live in Kingston, Jamaica.

June Simmonds, Assistant Director for Language Development
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Reslyn June Simmonds has an MA in Counselling Psychology and an MA in Foreign Language Education. She also has a teacher certificate in Spanish and Mathematics. She did her Education degree in Mexico which contributed greatly to her being fluent in Spanish.

Presently living in Jamaica, as a Wycliffe member, she now serves as Assistant Director for Language Development in the Language Development Division (LLD) on Wycliffe Caribbean. Her current and most immediate work is with the creole languages of the Caribbean for language development, authentic literacy, Bible translation and scripture use. She is an active Minister in her church.

Ruth Smith-Sutherland, Director of Operations
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Ruth began her service as a missionary with Wycliffe Caribbean Head Office in April 2014. She brings to her position many years of experience in general management and HR having retired from a major corporation in the private sector. Despite facing many challenges since coming on board, Ruth has already played a significant role in matters relating to policy, governance, major events planning and the general operation of Wycliffe Caribbean. She is a trained teacher, an Elder in her church and has two adult children.

Emergency Missionary Fund
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From time to time it becomes necessary to assist a Wycliffe Missionary Member with bridging the gap created by an emergency or the sudden loss of financial support. Circumstances do change without warning or challenges arise that often makes it difficult to maintain the desired level of financial support.
Your gift to this fund will place the organization into a position to give needed assistance to alleviate a temporary challenge. Often, such assistance will prevent a member from retreating from service or prevent the halting or compromising of a current project.
Your gift here, may well be an answer in the nick of time.

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