At Physical Therapy Solutions, we have been delivering skills in evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for all your general physiotherapy needs since 1994. We offer solutions to all musculoskeletal pain for example in the neck, back and joints, We offer specialist care in pelvic matters, lymphoedema.

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Physical Therapy Evaluation 1 area

The evaluation of one area to be assessed fo treatment

$2,500.00 JMD
Physical Therapy Evaluation 2 Areas

Evaluation of 2 areas to be treated

$3,000.00 JMD
Therapy 1 area (no equipment)

Therapy to one area e.g. 1 Knee, or back

$2,500.00 JMD
Therapy 2 areas (no Equipment)

Therapy to 2 areas

$3,000.00 JMD
Therapy 1 Area (with equipment)

Therapy with added equipment eg TENS, Heating Pad etc

$3,000.00 JMD
Therapy to 2 Areas (with PTS equipment)

Therapy to 2 Areas with PTS equipment eg TENS

$4,000.00 JMD



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COVID-19 Considerations

It has always been our dream at PTS to offer a virtual
physiotherapy service to those unable to attend. With the crisis of Covid-19 the opportunity arose and we are proud
to launch remote access to physiotherapy care using a
platform that is accessible to the client and one that they are comfortable with. A smart phone or computer with reliable internet is the basic requirement.

For more information, please contact us at:

876 9276015


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