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Let The Children Pray

The upsurge in violence among our children is of alarming concern in Jamaica. Children are being hospitalized, stabbed, and some killed by their peers and the conflicts go beyond just individuals, in several instances it is groups of students in full-scale fights.

The Pancakes and Prayers team deems it necessary this Childs Month to host their fifth staging of Pancakes and Prayers as a call to children, parents, teachers, leaders, and concerned citizens to join them as they come together to pray about the issues of the nation and most certainly for the children of Jamaica.

Pancakes and Prayers started in 2019 when The Wynter Brothers (then 9, 7, and 5) decided to host a Prayer Breakfast for Children by Children. Children from several churches would get together in a first-class production of dance, sign language, puppetry, mime, sermonettes from upcoming speakers and preachers, and prayers from children of various ages, around a delicious breakfast including pancakes.

We invite you to join with us as we move from the confines of a building to the open spaces removing all geographical boundaries to accommodate children from all over Jamaica to join hands and hearts as we cry out to God for our nation and our children.

Your financial support will help us to cover the expenses associated with this event which is now free. Come out and join as the Children of Jamaica pray. If you need further details, call or whatsapp me at 876-356-0281

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