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Community Outreach Missions Endeavour

Refuge Temple Church of God
Community Outreach Missions Endeavour
Come ministry is a charitable organization birth out of lack partially because of the pandemic and a revelation to God’s servant Bishop Courtney Williams; A Jamaican Bishop in the U.S.A, who is a Senior Pastor at the refuge Temple Church of God.
Many households have been adversely affected and especially the very young [educationally and mentally] and our seniors are facing very challenging times
COME was birth out of grave concern for community members and the proposal to give a helping hand.
COME seeks to improve the lives of community members.
We do so by providing a system through which
? The needy is given assistance
? Meals are provided for early childhood institutions
? Guidance for better mental and spiritual health
? Mentorship for those in need
? Providing medical assistance at least once per year

Board of Governors
Main Sponsor: Bishop Courtney H. Williams and
Refuge Temple Church of God
Director: Louise S. Williamson (Mrs.) widow
Secretary: Norma Thaxter (Mrs.)
Trustees: Kirk Williamson,
Theadore Williamson,
Barbara Mitchell-Dunkley

Financial Board: Louise S. Williamson
Theadore Williamson
Norma Thaxter
Director: Louise Williamson
Main Sponsor: Bishop Courtney H. Williams
Liaison: Kirk Williamson
Chef: Theadore Williamson
Secretary/PRO: Norma Thaxter
Treasurer: Karene Williamson

To provide support especially for the children and seniors in the Black River and environs
? To provide assistance for food and clothing
? To provide mental and spiritual support `````````````````````````````````````
? To provide medical assistance for seniors and younger children.

Objectives of COME
To help
1. relieve poverty and create the avenue for a better standard of living by providing food items, clothing and medical supplies
2. to assist our children (early childhood) educating with school supplies, lunches and clothing
3. to assist seniors with errands e.g., filling prescriptions and needed items for everyday survival
4. to give spiritual and moral support to assist with improving mental health
5. assist seniors in registering for social government benefits.

6. to provide mentors to assists persons with challenges and to provide guidance in career choices especially to youngsters.

JN A/C# 188112
Account holder: Louise Williamson

Hosted By: Refuge Temple C.O.G

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