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Hands in Unison is a local non-denominational, Bible-based Christian organization intended to work with other like-minded groups such as churches, community groups, and human development agencies to cultivate resilience in the lives of vulnerable children and young people.
Hands in Unison recognizes the social responsibility with which we each have been charged. God’s abundant blessings are enough to meet the needs of our community. As Jamaicans, we can fulfill this responsibility by discerning the needs of others within our community and mobilizing networks of support, in response to these needs. Collectively, we have all that is required to meet these needs, and in unison, we can make a difference as we support our children and youth to become resilient.
Mission Statement
Hands in Unison is committed to establishing networks of support within communities, in response to the needs of vulnerable children and young people; thereby cultivating resilient individuals and empowered communities.

Vision Statement
Be the change that nurtures resilience and empowers continuity

Our Programme Purpose
In partnership with community-based organizations and groups, Hands in Unison will identify disenfranchised and special interest communities with a view to intervening in the lives of vulnerable children and young people. Such interventions will target access to education and training, promote personal development, and strengthen support networks for the sustainable development of our children and youth.

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