The Scout Association of Jamaica (SAJ) is a not-for-profit uniform youth organization. SAJ is a registered member of the World Organization of Scout Movement (WOSM). Our offices are located at 2D Camp Road Kingston 5. Projects include: School fee assistance for tertiary students, tablets for needy students, uniform assistance for needy Scouts, repairs to a child care facility. Individuals and groups can make a donation to the SAJ projects using this portal. All contributions welcome... none too small.

Hosted By: Scouts Jamaica

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Donations to SAJ

Uniform Assistance
Give Online

Help needy Scouts obtain uniform

House repair project
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Assist a child care facility repair the windows to their home

Membership Fee Assistance
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Help needy Scouts pay their membership fee

Tertiary School Fee Assistance
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Assist tertiary Student with school fee

Tablet for students
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Provide tablets for needy students

Child care facility repair

Replace windows at a child care facility

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