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Nature Preservation Foundation (NPF) is a charitable (not-for-profit) NGO holding a 49-year Lease and Management Contract from the Government of Jamaica (GoJ), to develop and manage the Royal Botanic Gardens within the Hope Estate, on behalf of the people of Jamaica. The 237 acres which currently encompasses the HRBG, the largest botanical gardens in the Caribbean, and Hope Zoo was leased to NPF in 2004 and man-agement was transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to NPF with a continuing subvention to the annual operational budget. Management of the Hope Zoo was later subleased to the Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation.

The Nature Preservation Foundation is working assiduously to redevelop the Hope Royal Botanic Gardens and is seeking further assistance from groups and individuals and corporate entities, locally and abroad, to continue this process. In particular to achieve some important objectives. The principal objectives of the Foundation include the establishment of a wide collection of plant species for the purpose of research, environmental education, conservation and public recreation. This objective is aligned with Goal #4 of Jamaica’s Vision 2030 – “Jamaica has a healthy natural environment”.

Among the projects implemented under a ten-year Master Development Plan is the establishment of a Chinese Gardens (which is a gift from the People’s Republic of China) and re-opening of the Funland area (formerly known as Coconut Park). Currently underway is the redevelopment of a new maze which is scheduled to be opened by year-end. General expansion with new facilities and upgrade of existing infrastructure are scheduled to take place within the medium to long term.

As with most organizations worldwide, the COVID 19 pandemic has presented significant challenges for the Foundation. With the current restrictions affecting the hosting of entertainment activities and events, there has been a drastic contraction in revenues. To this end, the Foundation is seeking your support to preserve this national treasure for generations to come.

Nature Preservation Foundation/ Hope Royal Botanic Gardens
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